Back on Track!

Hello all and sorry for the silence! I took a quick to check out northern Thailand but I am back in town and ready to get back to work! However, while I collect my wits and get everything sorted let me share a few photos of my trip up north in and around Chiang Rai Province.

Isan is beautiful, but as I found there is immense beauty throughout  all of Thailand!

cat on table looking at camera
I found a cat cafe in Chiang Rai called “Cat ‘n’ A Cup. Of Course I had to go! Meet the guardian of my coffee.
blue temple ceiling
Shot of the ceiling at the beautiful Blue Temple. I could spend forever there!
White temple TChiang Rai
The oh so famous and incredibly beautiful White Temple.
Doi Sa Ngo sunset view
Watching the sun set from the top of the world in the Golden Triangle.
Maesalong village in mountains
B-E-A- Utiful Maesalong
Phayao lake at sunset
And last stop but certainly not least: Phayao! Phayao Lake at sunset takes me back to summer days in the USA. Bit of an unreal feeling.


After  about 10 days of wandering about these beautiful places and staying in quiet spaces I have returned fully refreshed! While I was out having fun I was also compiling a list of places to stay to contribute to the Mundo catalog! We love providing out volunteers with advice and helpful hints on where to stay during their ongoing travels if we can, and we are always on the lookout for cool new places to recommend!


Looking forward to the next trip already!


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